Blair Cahill

As a traditionally trained artist Blair Martin Cahill is extremely interested in the new dynamic of art and uses an amazing array of modern tools in conjunction with long established techniques. By combining traditional methods of foundry casting and textile production with cutting edge technology, Cahill finds infinite opportunities for producing completely unique and truly contemporary fine art. Cahill's new work encapsulates the traditional with the modern and juxtaposes dissimilar materials, such as steel and silk. Cahill obtained her BFA from California Institute of the Arts and then attended the University of Arts London, Chelsea for her MA in Fine Art. This further established her individual style of combining elements of color and light. In addition to studying at Art Center College of Design she was awarded the Digital Fabrication Residency which facilitated exploration of the boundaries of sculpture, tradition and technology. Cahill has lectured at the Collage Artists of America and her work is held in private collections internationally.

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